Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Meaning of the Red Screen for PS3 Users

Colors such as red, black and blue for computer users and PS3 users generally mean trouble. We have all heard of the red or blue screens of death when dealing with our PC’s. The same holds true for PS3 uses. The PS3 RSOD or PS3 Red Screen of Death is frustrating and confusing for many users. Just because you become a victim of the PS3 RSOD does not mean that you are not taking care of your electronics, sometimes it just happens without warning!

The best scenario when you encounter the PS3RSOD is that your unit is still under warranty and you can bring it right back to the place you purchased it and get either your money back or have it repaired. A less attractive and more costly solution is to bring it to a technician and pay for a repair that may take well over a week. Most of us are just not that lucky to have the red screen of death occur while the machine is still under warranty.

There are a few ways to cure the PS3RSOD by yourself. These methods have proven successful and won’t cost you anything but a little bit of time.

Reasons for the PS3 RSOD and a Few Easy Fixes
  • Overheating is the most common cause for the red screen. Many users either have the console flat on the wall or the floor preventing air from circulating. Shut your system down and move it to allow some air to flow. This may require a permanent readjustment of where you have your console located.
  • Dust accumulation is another common cause for the red screen. Just as overheating occurs because of the way the console is positioned, dust also accumulates and builds up. Dust the areas around your gaming device, this includes the fan area.
  • Unplug the PS3 console and let it stand for at least 30 minutes. This is a good time to let it cool and check for dust and dirt particles. Give the console some time to cool down while you are giving it a good dust down.
  • Plug your system back in after waiting at least 30 minutes. Check all of the cords and power supplies to ensure that they are secured and plugged in properly. It is quite possible that these simple steps will get rid of the red screen of death.
After trying these solutions, if you are still med with the PS3 RSOD it is possible that you may have a bad hard drive. You can borrow a hard drive and hook it to your console just see if the red screen still appears with a different hard drive. If the red screen is still present it is likely that there is significant damage done to either your motherboard or your hard drive. In this case you should consult with a technician to get the system repaired.


  1. Is it still possible to get my gaming data? My ps3 has got this red message and I have contacted Sony I didn't get much help from them so I would like to know. Please help! Many thanks

  2. Hopefully they will have the servers back up in a few hours, but by then I'll have to go to class. I would go outside to get some exercise and fresh air, but it's too cold out to enjoy the weather. I guess I'll just sit in front of my computer watching YouTube videos of cats or something like that. upcoming ps4 games